About the project

The aim of the Estonian Centre fot Islamic and Middle-Eastern Studies is to analyse and popularise different topics related to the Middle-East and Islam such as religion, politics, society, history, economics, etc. in academic as well as popular contexts. The goal is to propagate and instigate wider discussions in Estonian society.

ISLAM.EE propagates or departs from no certain political or religious standing or point of view. The site is purely meant to be an informative source of materials, news and discussions. The site is open to different views on Islam and Middle-Eastern politics. Your cooperation, proposals, critiques and papers or analyses to be published on the site are welcome for submission to the address info@islam.ee.

We do not use any censorship which is sometimes common in case of larger news channels and different media portals relatable to certain presupposed worldviews or understandings. ISLAM.EE gives its authors the opportunity to express their thoughts as they are, if not directly insulting to some individuals or groups. We publish the papers and views of both the international and local experts. We hope to offer many interesting interviews as well as scientific treatises.

We also conduct practical surveys, studys and analyses related to the topics of interest.